Hay fuego en tus ojos


The four elements that according to Greek philosophical tradition explained nature (water, earth, wind and fire) serve Rosario Toledo to explain her flamenco universe in the chords of four essential guitarists for her artistic development.

The evolution of Cosmos as an eternal process of generation and destruction where these four elements come together with two cosmic forces, love and discord, causing the continuous flow of everything that exists.


Together with the maturity of the young Keko Baldomero, we enter the vagaries of living, the realm of mixed feelings, hopes and fears flowing like ‘Water’ and leading into a reunion where the boundaries between dream and reality are blurred.

The pulse of Morón, of Daniel Mendez’s guitar, the freedom and boldness that ‘Wind’ gives us, and that can lead us to that shelter which is only found if we don’t give up in our search.

From Miguel Iglesias’ touch comes the fierce struggle for intelligence, symbolized by the primordial force of ‘Fire’. And then, Alfredo Lagos, whose mastery of technique does not prevent him from flying through the sky of creativity to capture the serenity of ‘Earth’.

Cantiñas, soleá, seguiriya and taranto precede the end of a cosmic life cycle: a whole por bulerías.


Dance: Rosario Toledo.
Guest artist: Joaquín Grilo.
Cante (Singing): Juan José Amador y José Valencia.
Hand Clapping: Bobote.
Guitars: Alfredo Lagos, Miguel Iglesias, Dani de Morón y Keko Baldomero.
Artistic direction: Rosario Toledo.
Coreography: Marco de Ana y Rosario Toledo.
Coreography direction: Marco de Ana.
Music: Alfredo Lagos, Miguel Iglesias, Dani de Morón y Keko Baldomero.
Lyrics adaptation: Juan J. Amador y José Valencia.
Lighting: Manu Madueño.
Costume Making: Jose Tarriño.
Sound Space: Fali Pipió.
Set Design: Teión.
Audiovisuals: Félix Vázquez.
Photography: David Alfaro.
Hair and Makeup: Pepe Conde.

Featuring: Festival de Jerez 2011.
Time: 80 minutes.

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