El Pulso


Always running from one place to another, from one thing to another thing and to none too) Running to win time, time to do more things, not waste it doing nothing. What you do, you worth?) Emptiness scares us and that’s the reason why we run. Running we don’t listen to the silence, we don’t feel ourselves breathing, we don’t arrive late. When is it late?

Some look for inspiration, others look for happiness, or recognition or love. We always want more and we are never happy. We look out and not inside, in the stillness of the bottom. A deadly search.

The pulse is the entire opposite: a beating heart, effort, record, consciousness, taste, harmony, instinct and freedom. If it were an image it would be a flashing lighted sign saying “you are alive, wake up”.

The pulse is always there, latent. It is the engine of music and dance feeling. When there is some pulse, is never too late or too early. It is always now.

A difficult test. A constant metronome. A lost woman who finds the way to hush her head’s voice through the flamenco voice.

Ficha artística

Choreography: Rosario Toledo.
Musician composer: Juan Campallo.
Singer: Juan Amador.
Dancer: Rosario Toledo.
Guitar: Juan Campallo.
Percussions: Paquito González.
Sound: Fali Pipió.
Department and director’s assistant: Salva Calderón.
Locker room: José Tarriño.
Artistic director: Rosario Toledo.
Distribution: Valquiria Producciones.

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