El aire de Cádiz


A show where you can smell, feel and touch the flamenco from the ‘Little Silver Cup’. A unique opportunity to be coated by the elegance, verve, grace and creativity that the great artists from Cádiz have transmitted to this art. A personal commitment of the bailaora to recover forgotten lyrics and defend not only the songs of her native land but also the recreations that filled with ‘air’ everything that reached the bay.

A recognition to leading figures such as Aurelio Sellés, Paquirri ‘El Guanté’ or Adela ‘La Chaqueta’. A tribute to Enrique ‘El Mellizo’ and Caballero Bonald’s poetry. Cádiz at its fullness.


In the most creative, personal and open side of Cádiz, there is where Rosario Toledo stands to deepen into the creative universe of her home city and into her peculiar way of understanding flamenco. The bailaora seeks, explores and investigates the most influential figures in flamenco to extract from them what is most significant and transfer their essence to her dance.
Thus, she tacks El Mellizo’s inventiveness and originality, his enigmatic and irregular character, his strong personality; the rhythmic grace and the nonconformity of Paquirri El Guanté; the flamenco heritage and the torn voice of Aurelio Sellés; or the passion and the depth of Adela la Chaqueta, in a way that, almost on the fly, builds a clean, honest and panoramic gaze of ‘El aire de Cádiz’.

In short, a repertoire of malagueña, soleá, tiento-tangos, cantiñas, seguiriyas and cuplés por bulerías that acts as an excellent backdrop of what Cádiz means to flamenco in general and to this bailaora in particular.


Coreography and dance: Rosario Toledo.
Musical composition and guitar: Miguel Iglesias y Dani de Morón.
Lyrics adaptation and cante (singin): (SINGING) Juan José Amador y José Valencia.
Percussion: Agustín Diassera.
Costume design: José Tarriño
Lighting:: Manu Madueño.
Sound Space: Manu Meñaca.

Featuring: Festival de Jerez 2006.
Time: 75 minutes.


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