Del primer paso


Essence. Core. Rosario Toledo at her purest. Dance for dance’s sake. Reconciliation and understanding with what is loved. Dance, flamenco and vice versa.

‘Del primer paso’ operates on an intimate level to search, on a simple staging, for naturalness, clarity of movement and truth of the moment. As a result, the course taken by every palo (trilla, seguiriya, alegrías, soleá…) always leaves room for artistic improvisation. What is important is to feel, to play, to find the centre — to keep a balance.


An image –a dance class where girls supported by the bar try to follow the instructions of the teacher– served as the starting point of this show in which Rosario Toledo travels through the depths of her feelings and her relationship with dance.

From the more orthodox classicism to avant-garde flamenco, including boleros or the Spanish dances of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Rosario Toledo recreates scenes that invite to fantasy, magic and laughter, with the witchcraft of Dani de Morón’s guitar and David Palomar’s voice.

Certainly, a lesson to understand our own musical and dancing history through the figures of women like La Argentina, Carmen Amaya, Rosario ‘La Mejorana’ or ‘La Macarrona’. Not from an alien or exclusive perspective, but from a nearby, family and friendly view. Art and our legacy, shown as life itself.


Dance: Rosario Toledo.
Guitar: Dani de Morón.
Cante (Singing): David Palomar.
Direction and coreography: Rosario Toledo.
Music: Dani de Morón y José Torres.
Three guitars recording: José Torres.
Lyrics adaptation: David Palomar.
Lighting: Manuel Madueño.
Costume design: José Tarriño.
Photography: Félix Vázquez.
Sound Space: Fali Pipió.

Featuring: Festival de Jerez 2009
Time: 75 minutes.

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