Jerez: The Festival of your dreams


This was the 5th time that I was introducing a new show at the “Festival de Jerez” and as the saying goes “there isn’t a bad 5th” and the truth is that the bull is a good one, those who have the art of love the bullfighter devoted to his partner: brave but noble, true to its race.

The “Festival de Jerez” has always opened me its doors to show my artistic labour, to let me make and unmake as I want, to create, to show my way of feeling the flamenco music but it’s not my desire talk about this face of the party, and yes, I say party because the “Festival de Jerez” is a party in itself, a continuous spree where you can be reunited, talk to each other, find yourself, not only enjoy the poster of the place but also the most important: enjoy the moment you live in every corner, in every bar, the one who finds you without expecting it, the one who appears always because them has never gone.

Staying in Jerez during its festival is activate yourself in Flamenco mode the entire day. What do I want to say by this statement?

Apart from its atmosphere and old-timer, those, who we are artists, have the chance to see again our beloved mates, those who we care the most, those who are there but we don’t see them enough or see less than we would like. These unique moments with this good people are part of my life and my “flamenca” trajectory and they make me feel soooo good that I find it difficult to express in words how with their companionship I’ve been enjoying life the most these days in Jerez.

This letter is dedicated to them and to that flamenco music that we carry on inside of us and we show it during this major festival since you wake up until you go to bed, that natural flamenco, unthoght, unsought, that flamenco that is only a lifestyle, a constant share with those who you love, this good people that surround my life and make me be better.


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