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Rosario Toledo is a flamenco dancer with such a strong calling, almost incorruptible, defined as per usual as the searching of an own aesthetic that transcends the traditional image.

Deeply flamenco, because she couldn’t be any other way, her dance adds new angles and curvatures which come from her body working out until exhaustion.

Beyond the strength of her legs, the music of her feet or the flight of her arms, Rosario dances with all her body, specially with her eyes that emanate a striking dramatic ability. You can find in this woman the perfect mix of features: rascal, sensual and how she can’t hide her roots (from Cádiz). Her southern accent joins her rhythm.”

Fermín Lobatón

Intuitive, fresh, expressive, visceral, earthly. Bailaora and choreographer Rosario Toledo has managed to be at the top of contemporary flamenco dance thanks to her creativity and her ability to convey the essence of what surrounds us and transmit it to the audience. After obtaining a degree in Spanish Dance by the Dance Conservatory of Seville (Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Sevilla), she began her professional career under the guidance of her mentor Charo Cruz, with the show ‘Por ley de vida’. She also was part of Manuela Carrasco and Antonio El Pipa’s company.

She has ever since combined her performances in famous flamenco clubs or tablaos such as ‘El Cordobés’ in Barcelona or ‘Los Gallos’ in Seville with collaborations as a guest artist on shows with artists as renowned as Javier Latorre, Javier Barón, Antonio Canales, Israel Galván, Joaquín Grilo, Miguel Poveda, Arcángel, Dorantes or José Antonio Rodríguez, among others. She also works as a soloist for Mario Maya’s show ‘De Cádiz a Cuba, la mar de Flamenco.’ 

Her own productions

This has allowed her to develop a very personal vision of flamenco dance. A dance that is deep, conceptual and full of ideas, but, at the same time, has the feet on the floor, clings to nature and goes out to the streets.

In this context, Rosario, a native from Cádiz, is immersed in the development of some projects with her own company, reaping a huge critical and commercial success and becoming an essential dancer in contemporary flamenco.

Thus, amongst her productions we can find:

-‘El aire de Cádiz.’ International première at the Festival Flamenco Mont Marsan (France, 2008)
-‘Del primer paso’. Street-version, internationally premièred at the Festival de Arte Flamenco Mont Marsan (France, 2008)
-‘Pasos para dos.’ Co-starring Ana Salazar and directed by Pepa Gamboa. Première at the Teatro Central during the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, 2008
-‘Del primer paso.’ Indoor version, nationally premièred at the Festival de Jerez 2009 and internationally premièred at the Opera House in Oslo (Norway, 2009)
-‘Hay fuego en tus ojos.’ Premièred at the Teatro Villamarta during the Festival de Jerez in 2011
-‘Vengo.’ Street show premièred at the Festival Cádiz en Danza-Movs and at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2012
-‘Pintoresca’. Premièred at the I Encuentro de Coreografía y Danza de Jerez in July 2013 and at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2014
– ADN: Show premiered at the Jerez Festival on February 24, 2015


 ‘Aleluya Erótica’, produced by TNT and shown in Bienal de Sevilla in 2012, been awarded with Premio Giraldillo to the Best Show.

Also in 2012, she released in the First Flamenco Festival of Philadelphia the choreography ‘Cómplices’ for the company Pasión y Arte Flamenco of Philadelphia-USA and in 2014 participated in Laboratorio Coreográfico ‘Tapas’, that lasted a month during the II Flamenco Festival de Philadelphia. In this last one, the artist has made three proposals through flamenco with three very well known dancers of the dance community of this city, which has allowed her to start new dance disciplines such as Post-Modern, Jazz, Tap-Dance, Hip-Hop or Free-Style, all inspired from the flamenco’s roots.

Bienal de Sevilla 2016. Performing as the guest artist of the Sevillian pianist Chiqui Cienfuegos with his own show “Crisis”.

In 2017 in Jerez, performing as the guest artist of the band Ultra Hight Flamenco UHF. In this same year, dancing in the Festival de Teatro de Sagunto, Valencia and in the roman theatre of Málaga, where she launched her brand new choreography and performance “Amazonas”, the new production of the company Andanzas-TNT of Sevilla directed by Juana Casado. Rosario is nominated for the Lorca Andalusian Theatre awards for the best flamenco performer and her show “Amazonas” was awarded as the best flamenco show.

Choreography and dance in “Bailaoras” (2018) proyect. A show directed by Angel Rojas and released in the Festival Flamenco Madrid in the Theatre Fernan Gómez.
In the Bienal de Flamenco of 2018, Rosario directed the show “Flamencos de la tacita”, launched 13th september in Hotel Triana very successfully.

Among the recognitions she has received throughout her career, Rosario Toledo has the National Prize in the Concurso de Arte Flamenco of Córdoba for Guajiras y Tarantos (1998); the second prize in the Festival de las Minas de La Unión 1999; the Prize Giraldillo to the Best Show in the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2012 for ‘Aleluya Erótica’ , the Scene Prize in Sevilla 2012 for ‘Aleluya Erótica’ to the Best Dance Show and the Lorca Theatre Prize for Amazona as the best flamenco show.

Currently, collaborating as the guest artist in Alicia Carrasco and Jose Manuel León’s proyect “Mujerklorica”. Still working on “Amazonas” and “Bailaoras” y performancing “ADN”, released in 2015. 


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